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I, me, mine, we, us ...all one

Connected, interwoven, together
the grid of  divine life
Being, caring, loving ...all one
Feeling,  energetic essence that is the grid
Of all connectedness
Nature, Gaia, we, us...all one
Mother earth, the organism , our basis 
for  human life
We, us, nature, home.. .all one
Growing,  together,  here , aware
thoughtful, prayerful, non violent
We, nature, home, Gaia...all one
Knowing, filled with light, wisdom,
Kindness, joy, compassion

..all one

Gifts from Gaia

The waves lapping,  lapping,  lapping against sand,
Lapping,  lapping,  lapping against my heart.

Purification, cleansing

Releasing suffering
Self inflicted , past lives
About the future, Gaia, humanity
The oceans, whales, nature

Divine wisdom,   inner guidance,  myself.       Knowing.          Peace.


In the early morning light
My soul lies open, bare, rested across my chest 

Being, ..Aware I am one with all
  From the Milky Way to the deepest Ocean bottom, 
To Mountain tops  

Part of all 
As the human body , or Gaia ,  Or the Universe 
A projection of life 

Not separate  

Loving, connected, being, aware
Don’t let me lose this feeling, of grounding  comfort
As I move forward into daily rituals 

Let me bring this joyous connection known as enlightenment
Into every minute, every hour , experiencing the heaven that is earth

Poems channeled from Gaia,

through Beth Roberts,

on the shores of Gitche Gumee

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