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Experience in-shop or remote sessions from the comfort of your home.


with Beth 

Balance and harmonize your energy with crystals, sound bowls and meditation.


with Beth Roberts

Access Bars is a gentle hands-on modality to release limiting beliefs.  We work with acupressure points around your head to shift the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that have limited you in a specific area of life.


with Beth 

Oracle Card Readings inspire you to follow your intuition, receive guidance from the universe, and follow your destiny.

3 Card Readings ~ Mind, Body, Spirit, or Heart, Challenge, Guidance

4 Card Readings~ Basis, Challenge, Guidance, Destiny

or Past, Present, Future, Insight


 Integrated Energy
with Beth Roberts

Powerful energy therapy system that gets the “issues out

of your tissues” for good! 
Nine Healing Angels of the Violet Ray Energy Field  to work directly with your 12 Strand Spiritual DNA.

IET supports you in safely and gently releasing limiting energy patterns of your past, empowering and balancing your life in the present, and helping you to reach for the stars as you evolve into your future.




Akashic records are a database, where every thought, word or action from current, future and past lifetimes are stored. They are available through the Soul Star Chakra, and are a guide to finding your life path, understanding blocks and restrictions, and so much more.


Soul Alignment Energy Work
with Valerie Dixon

Soul Alignment is an opportunity to strengthen your connection to your Soul, by clearing imbalanced energy and receiving Universal infusions of peace, love, clarity and harmony. Your session may include the use of crystals/stones, past life release, Reiki type energy work, emotional recoding, Tibetan singing bowls, Divine intention, chakra balancing, soul fragment retrieval, energy center clearing, balancing the masculine and feminine energies, essential oils, Intuitive Oracle Card or Animal Card reading, and more.

The work may be helpful in clearing energy blockages, reducing stress and anxiety, releasing suppressed emotions, balancing your body/mind/soul/energy field, promoting peace and relaxation, chakra balancing and more.

My tribe are the individuals who want to go deep spiritually,  are ready for transformative change, and hold an open heart.

Please contact Valerie At

Happy Tails

Intuitive Energy Reading
For Pets
With Valerie Dixon

Would you like to receive messages from your animal companion?

Animals assist us in remembering that we are connected to all beings-that each one of us is part of the Universal Oneness.

We may have temporarily forgotten this, but animals have not. Animals help us to connect back into that oneness and unity. Your animal companion has chosen to partner with you, to act as a mirror to raise your awareness, and to bring you messages that will support you in your continued spiritual growth and development. 

As an Intuitive Energy Reader, I can assist you in accessing the messages from animals, nature, and the universe.

My role is to serve as a clear channel to bring through the messages your animal companion desires to share with you. In addition I can help you to understand and interrupt those messages with clarity.  My tribe are animals/humans who want to go deep, and connect at the soul level, -those who are open to receiving transformative information and energy.

I am able to connect with your current animal companion, as well as those who have passed into the spirit world.


Sessions are conducted remotely by phone., allowing you and your pet to remain in the comfort in your own home environment.

 Please contact Valerie At

Sound Bath
      Energy Balancing 
     with Valerie 

 Sound Bath Energy Balancing by Valerie is a deep body and soul experience, using sound in a restorative and balancing manner. After a brief guided grounding and clearing exercise, participants experience the energy frequency from a variety of instruments, including crystal singing bowls, Koshi Chimes, ocean drum, rattles, and more.

    The tones and sounds from the session often allow your brain waves to slow, shifting from an active state to a more relaxed state of unity with your soul. Sound bath energy Balancing may promote deep relaxation, clearing of unneeded energy, and harmonizing of the energy centers. 

                          Please contact Valerie At

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